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1. Run the installer package ThinPoint 32(64)bit version 5.0 Setup.exe provided to you on the ThinPoint Installer CD-ROM or downloaded from NetLeverage download site. 

2. In the installer welcome dialog box click Next.


3. Please review the ThinPoint End User License Agreement carefully and then click I Agree to continue the installation.


4. If you are installing a single host, just click Install to install the full version of ThinPoint.



The ThinPoint License Server provides Network Floating and Concurrent User Session Licensing. The ThinPoint Installer includes both the ThinPoint License Server and ThinPoint Host components.
The ThinPoint License Server can be installed on the same Windows machine as the ThinPoint Host, or on a dedicated Windows machine for larger solutions when you want to use multiple machines as the ThinPoint host.
If you are installing the ThinPoint License Server on a dedicated Windows machine, select Custom installation type and unselect all other ThinPoint Host components except the License Server. Then click Install. Please continue until step 8 to finalize License Server installation.  
If you have selected Typical Installation, click Install. Please continue from step 5.
If you are not installing the ThinPoint License Server on this host, select Custom installation type and unselect 'License Server', then click Install. Please provide the location of License Server during next installation screen and skip to step 9.


5. If you have selected the Typical Installation with ThinPoint License Server component, you will be presented with the ThinPoint Network License Server Setup dialog box as shown below.


6. The ThinPoint License Server by default is shipped with two (2) concurrent session evaluation user licenses. A maximum of 2 sessions can be connected at a time to all ThinPoint Hosts. These licenses will expire 14 days after the installation.

7. If you intend to try ThinPoint using the evaluation licenses, select Install a free trial version to continue installation using ThinPoint evaluation licenses. The ThinPoint Installer will test the ThinPoint License Server briefly and then continue the installation process. If you already have purchased licenses, please provide the License ID and Password at this stage.

8. To purchase ThinPoint full licenses please contact sales at ThinPoint:

After purchasing the required ThinPoint licenses, please use ThinPoint License Manager in ThinPoint Program Start Menu to access ThinPoint License Server to activate your ThinPoint licenses.

In the 'Update ThinPoint Licenses' section, provide the License ID and Password you obtained when you purchased the ThinPoint licenses and click the Update Licenses button. You will be informed that the ThinPoint licenses have been successfully updated.

The status of licenses is indicated in the License Server Manager:


9. When the License Server has been configured and components have been installed, you will be asked to select the access type: Full Desktop or Selected Applications


10. After selecting the access type, you will be asked to publish new or just review the published applications. If you want to publish a new application, go to the section ThinPoint Service Provisioning Manager of this guide to learn about application publishing.


11. The final installation step is creating access to the ThinPoint host. You will be asked to create and provision a Universal Client.

You will go through a series of screens where Universal Client will be configured. The master copy should stay on the ThinPoint host, copy of which can  be given to users on demand.

Note: once a client is ran, it will lock itself to the piece of hardware USB key, hard disk etc.



The Universal Client will check connection to the present server. Make sure you have access to the Internet and the Universal Client is allowed by the anti-virus.


Select 'Use this account' to predefine the user that the client will be connecting as, or 'Setup on initial user login' for the account to be configured on the first successful connection.


12. In addition to windows login details, advanced settings can be configured. You can specify to set a Security PIN that will be required to run the client for the first time and other options of connection behavior. For detailed description of the Advanced Options please read the Client Guide section of this manual.


13. After the installation is complete, depending on version of the ThinPoint host operating system, you may be asked to reboot the host to activate all the settings.


14. Now ThinPoint is ready to be accessed remotely, using the Universal Client created during installation to the client machine. This concludes the default installation and you can start using ThinPoint.