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PrintPoint simplifies printing for remote users while eliminating the tedious administrative burden of installing and maintaining remote printer drivers on hosts.

Instead a virtual printer called 'PrintPoint' will be installed on the ThinPoint Host.

Printing via PrintPoint in a ThinPoint session is almost the same as printing on a local printer, and just as easy.

1. The user selects the PrintPoint printer, while printing from any remotely published application, as shown below.


2. After clicking Print, a PrintPoint dialog box is displayed on the remote device desktop, displaying the remote print status as it is processed.

3. The local printer dialog box is then shown on the remote device desktop. The user selects a local printer to print the document.


In order for PrintPoint to function, the remote device must be using the ThinPoint Client or accessed via WebPoint.
PrintPoint will only function from remote applications which are published 'Run Seamless'. For more details please see the corresponding option described in the ThinPoint Service Provisioning Manager section. 
PrintPoint currently does not support the Linux and Mac clients. We are in the process of adding PrintPoint functionality to the Linux and Mac clients.