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Version 5.0 Build 5.00.16 - 09 July 2014
- Added support for Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 (64-bit)
- Various other minor changes and fixes.

Version 5.0 Build 5.00.15 - 01 Feb. 2013
- Added support for Windows 8 and Server 2012 (64-bit)
- Fixed port forwarding detection on Provisioning Manager
- Fixed promiscuous issue with remote control button on Provisioning Manager
- Fixed a Window display issue with Microsoft Outlook, Interwoven Worksite plugin
- A new and faster client AES encryption algorithm is implemented
- ThinPoint Network Service now listens on all the network interfaces
- Universal Client Compiler now always exits correctly while installing ThinPoint
- Various other minor changes and fixes.

Version 5.0 Build 5.00.13 - 17 May 2012
- Removed PrintPoint output watermark
- Build number and Changelog link has been added to About menu of Provisioning Manager.

Version 5.0 Build 5.00.12 - 12 April 2012
- ThinPointSWP.exe has been updated
- Fixed a PrintPoint issue printing a document from a URL with % character on the address
- Added support for Server 2003 R2 SP2 32-bit
- Added support for Server 2008 SP1 32-bit.



NetLeverage ThinPoint product family provides secure cost-effective remote access to any application from verity of client devices located anywhere. 100,000 users in 6000 organizations across the globe.

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"We have tried number of other Server based computing products in our school. ThinPoint is much better. I don't hesitate to recommend it to other schools and businesses. It just works!"

Ian Scott -  Director of IT, St. Andrews Cathedral School


"ThinPoint provides a highly secure and flexible way for GP's and other Health professionals to access medical applications and patient records. Feedback from the GP's that have been using the ThinPoint server has been extremely positive, with all of them finding it easy to use and they all felt comfortable with the level of security it offers."

Justin Reeves - e-Health ICT Coordinator, Adelaide Western General Practice Network


"We have 3 branches and 4500 members and our system has to work 24x7. If it doesn't, we are more exposed than most businesses. NetLeverage ThinPoint simply works."

Chris Carpenter - Manager, Blue Mountains & Riverlands Community Credit Union Limited